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Now more than ever people are looking for someone they can trust when it comes to health guidance and coaching. This certification course offers you the ability to learn cutting edge, wholistic health approaches that are life changing. You will learn a proven system to build a successful online coaching business. We will be with you every step of the way.

Sheryl Morley, IWH Co-Founder

We go way beyond just a certificate

No other course offers valuable bonuses like these!

8 Unit Course

Learn how to solve all of your clients health problems using a variety of the most advanced wholistic approaches.


Once you complete the 8 units and pass each test you will be mailed your Wholistic Health Coach Certificate in the mail.

Facebook Community

Connect and learn from hundreds of other Wholistic Certified Health Coaches in our private Facebook Community.

Evaluation Website

You will receive your own Health Evaluation website. When your clients take the Health Evaluation they will receive their Health Score.

Continuing Education

We have 4 live classes every week that are specifically designed to help you improve every aspect of your coaching business.

Social Media Training

Learn exactly how to use social media to build a successful health coach business online from the comfort of your own home.

Information Website

You will also receive you own personalized Health Information website that you can share with your clients.

Mindset Course

Included in your membership is a full mindset course that will teach you how the human mind works and how to rewire it.

The 3 C's

You will gain the clarity, competence, and confidence you need to run a successful health coach business with this course.

Our Health Coach Graduates Love Us!

"The Health Coach Certification Course provides a world-class, practical education in health and wellness."

- Dr. Lisa Singletary, MD

"The context of understanding health in terms of the 8 Categories makes it extremely easy to understand and teach to others ."

- Clifton R.D. Poff

"I have learned so much about nutrition, health and the body's ability to heal. I feel far more equipped to advise my clients on what steps they should be taking to improve their health and wellbeing. Thank you to the creators and facilitators of this amazing course!"

- Michelle Malcolm

"HCCC has empowered me with so much more than I could have imagined. I am honored and excited to go and pay all that we have learned forward to the world."

- Deb Hull

"The most important thing I take away from this course is the fact that you have united everything together in a wholistic health coaching course from A-Z. A true unity of what a Health University should be all about."

- Douglas Charles Fremlin

"I LOVED this course! The outstanding information in this educational program has empowered me to confidently discuss nutritional deficiencies and their associated health problems.  It has also empowered me to recommend, with confidence, compelling, non-pharmaceutical solutions for these problems."

- Dr. Deborah A. Martinez, MD

"The Institute of Wholistic Health went over and beyond when they created this course. It not only teaches you the most advanced health and wellness knowledge but it also teaches you how to build a successful health coach business. This course changed my life."

- Rebecca Dukes Kozak

"I have learned what is going to help me nutritionally and how to help my clients obtain optimal health. Thank you!"

- Heather Andrea Hager

"I gained a much broader knowledge of different health solutions. Additionally the mindset focused training was especially important since everything depends on mindset and attitude. Becoming a Certified Wholistic Health Coach is another accomplishment and creates additional credibility with our clients."

- Reginald Widgeon, Sr.

"The most beneficial gains I received from this course is the ability to help people with more confidence using the health evaluation."

- Jennifer Saltzman

"Everyone needs to take this course. The information and systems designed to assist us in helping our clients achieve optimal health are invaluable."

- Jeanette Anderson

"I have learned unique ways to present health information and approach people who need health and wellness coaching."

- Dr. Joanne M. Conaway, ND

"I truly believe this course will have a massive impact on you and everyone you coach. We teach you how to identify the root cause of health problems and how to solve them naturally."

- Paul Kroto, IWH Co-Founder, Nutrition MS, ACSM CHC, NSCA CSCS

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

It's simple. Once you enroll below you will be instructed to opt into our text message list. The text messages will give you detailed instructions on how to join our private Facebook group and how to start the course units. There is roughly 10 hours of course work that must be completed before you can apply for graduation. You can complete this course work at your own pace.

What kind of income can I expect?

Your income is based on your own efforts. We have part-time health coaches making an extra $2,000/mo and we have full-time health coaches making incredible six figure incomes. We will teach you exactly what to do but it is up to you to do the work it takes to build a successful health coaching business.

Can I do this?

Yes you can! We don't require any past health or nutrition knowledge to take this course. We will teach you everything you need to know to become an expert in wholistic health. This course is not difficult but it will take effort and commitment on your part to complete. We promise this will be the best health course you have ever seen. If it isn't, we will provide you with a full refund.

Do I need a Youngevity ID#?

We are not affiliated with Youngevity International however we do require you have a Youngevity ID# to take this certification course. If you do not have a Youngevity ID# please contact the health coach that sent you to this website or call us at (716) 475-9605 and we will help you get one.

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